Abigail Hall, 18, Collapsed & Died 4 Days After Moving Into University Accommodation

Abigail Hall, 18, Collapsed & Died 4 Days After Moving Into University Accommodation

The mysterious and sudden death of an 18-year-old university student Abigail Hall who collapsed in the bathroom of her student accommodation and died

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The mysterious and sudden death of an 18-year-old university student Abigail Hall who collapsed in the bathroom of her student accommodation and died just days after moving in, has baffled pathologists and doctors.

Abigail Hall had been vomiting and complaining of stomach pains for three days prior to collapsing in her room at the Trigon student accommodation on September 23, 2015.

The Sheffield Hallam student died soon after. Her boyfriend Josh Thompson, 22, placed a ring on her finger and announced over Facebook: ‘Abigail Hall and I are now engaged. She is my life.’

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It is believed that Josh requested permission from Abigail’s parents to become engaged to her once she had died.

The day before she died, Abigail’s parents had taken her to a walk-in medical centre in Rockingham Street, the Sheffield Coroner’s Court heard.

Charlotte and Mark Hall told the court that when the on-call doctor, Dr Thomas Pollak, asked Abigail about what her vomit looked she told the medic it resembled ‘coffee coloured grounds’.

Mrs Hall said Dr Pollak ‘said he had seen other students that had come in with viruses. He said it might be a virus or the beginning of appendicitis…and gave her a prescription for Buscopan,’ The Star reported.

Abigail received a prescription and went back to the student halls with her parents, ready to enrol in her course the following day.

Her housemate, Agata Paliwada, told the court that she had been ‘keeping an eye’ on ‘happy and friendly’ Abigail after she fell ill, and went to check on her just before 7pm.

She said: ‘She wasn’t in her bed, and I thought maybe her parents had come and got her. As I was walking away, I saw the light on her bathroom, I looked in the bathroom. She was there. She looked unconscious.’

Abigail Hall

Agata called for help and some of her fellow students began CPR as they waited for paramedics to arrive.

Despite the best efforts of medics, and the students attempting to save her, Abigail died a short time later.

Pathologist Simon Kim Survana said Abigail’s post-mortem revealed that her lungs had ‘aspirational material’ in them, but said he had ‘no explanation as to why’ that had happened.

He recorded her primary cause of death as being Aspiration Pneumonitis, where foreign material is ingested into the lungs.

The secondary cause of death was recorded as idiopathic gastroenteritis, but Dr Survana noted that the internal bleeding Abigail had was consistent with someone who had been repeatedly vomiting and had subsequently died.

Assistant Coroner, David Urpeth, said that over the course of the four-day inquest he would attempt to determine what had caused Abigail to continuously vomit in the days before her death.

The court heard that Abigail, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, had only just started at Sheffield Hallam University where she was studying biomedical sciences.

She had moved into her student accommodation on the afternoon of Saturday, September 19, 2015, and joined friends out at the Tank nightclub where witnesses described she had a few drinks, and was said to be ‘tipsy’ but not drunk.

Abigail’s friend, Layna Youngman, told the court that the pair went to the paint party together on September 20 but left early due to feeling bored.

Ms Layna said Abigail was ‘fine’ during their walk back to her accommodation, but began complaining of ‘sharp stomach aches’ around 20 minutes after arriving home and began vomiting shortly afterwards.

‘She was up and down every half an hour being sick during the night,’ she said.

Police said there were no suspicious circumstances around her death.

The court is due to hear evidence from Dr Pollak tomorrow.

The inquest continues.

Boyfriend Josh Thompson said at the time: ‘Words cannot express the love that I have for her, she was the reason I would wake up in the morning.

‘We connected so well, from the moment she tripped on an escalator in the Shard after one too many, to having the most hilarious sunburn after driving through France with the roof down.

‘Everything we did felt real, she would always be there with a smile on her face, and she could never do enough for me.’

Josh said he had planned to propose to Abigail next year

He told how he dashed home to Sheffield in the early hours of the morning to be with his sweetheart’s family.

He added: ‘Yesterday myself and Joshua Hall went to select an engagement ring for Abbie, the plan was to do this next year after her first year at University.

‘Josh chose well and I was able to have my moment with Abbs which I was so grateful for.

‘Thank you to everyone for the support you have given Abbie’s family and myself. Life will never be the same again, we need to continue to support each other.

‘There was no reason for Abbie to leave us. She had everything to live for. We had plans for Turkey, Dubai and then Paris for New Years Eve.

‘There’s no one else I would want to share my life with. I love you Panda. I will always love you baby.’

Devastated friends spoke of their shock on social media immediately following her death, adding how moved they were by her boyfriend’s gesture.

Nina Andreia said: ‘I’m completely lost for words, this is an example of love. So beautiful.

‘This must be the most heartbreaking thing someone can go through, knowing there is nothing you can do about it.

‘She would have loved that ring and it looks so beautiful on her delicate finger. Thinking of you and Abbie’s family in this hard time. Stay strong.’

Ang Jones said Abigail was ‘a beautiful, caring, young lady’.

Lucy Fendall posted: ‘She will absolutely love that ring Josh. She’ll be with you everywhere you go right by your side.’

Josh’s aunt, Lisa Burdge, described Abigail as ‘a beautiful girl – not just on the outside, which was obvious, but inside too.’

She added: ‘My heart was so full of joy for you, as you told us tales of your trip to Paris, and plans for the future. And now, my darling nephew your heart is broken.’

‘I feel fortunate that I got to meet the beautiful Abbie and to understand how you feel for her.

‘I cannot even begin to understand how you and Abbie’s family must be feeling now. We are thinking of you every second and love you so much.’

At their new-build terrace home in Doncaster, South Yorkshire., Abigail’s uncle Marcus Dalglish and his partner Charlotte Smith paid tribute to their ‘friendly, outgoing, bright, intelligent, lovely, bubbly’ niece.

Charlotte said: ‘She had a beautiful smile and she was just so funny.

‘She always had a spring in her step and was always smiling no matter what..

‘We saw her in town a couple of months ago and she said she was off to Sheffield and she was so excited about it.

‘She was excited to be following her dreams and to be living in a flat for the first time on her own.

‘She picked Sheffield because it was close to home and so she could still spend time with her mum.

Charlotte said Abigail was the first in her family to go to university.

She said: ‘She was destined for great things.

‘She will be really missed. She used to dress up my daughter Holly [7] in pretty dresses and clothes and Holly absolutely adored her.’

Marcus added: ‘We are just shock that this could happen to a healthy young girl.’

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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