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It is rightly quoted that ‘Women are the real architect of society’.

Newfromwomen.com is a dedicated platform for women. We embrace the cultural differences and work as a knowledge gateway for women by sharing their journey of success all over the globe. We bring the pieces of evidence of experiences and good practices and the latest news that contributing in shaping the world.

With the belief that women are growing and making a stronger career and spreading their wings in all the sectors at a very fast pace. Considering the fact, newsfromwomen.com calls attention to the news associated with women’s activities. We make headway with the mission of unlocking the powerful potential of women in the following sector:

  • Business
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle

We are zealous to carve up the authentic insights of women’s struggle, experience, activities contributing to the growth and development of each sector. We perform at our level best by bringing the fact-checked, accurate, fair, and clear information to maintain transparency in the world.

With the approach of empowering women, we also bring the light on the availability of resources, opportunities to equip women for their growth and development in lifestyle.

Our foundation is the transformation, integrity, diversity, and encouragement of sharing and learning approaches to empower the progress of women.

Through this blog, we build members to build a strong community.

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We value your participation and works with the vision of building trust and candid in providing detailed information. Thus, our gates are open to welcome you for any query, feedback, and information. You can certainly contact us at shashankjain84@gmail.com.