Fraudster Sarah Armstrong Embezzled £89,000 Brags On Facebook About Spending

Fraudster Sarah Armstrong Embezzled £89,000 Brags On Facebook About Spending

A SHAMELESS fraudster Sarah Armstrong who embezzled £89,000 from her company and "left lives in ruin" has been caught bragging about flash holidays on

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A SHAMELESS fraudster Sarah Armstrong who embezzled £89,000 from her company and “left lives in ruin” has been caught bragging about flash holidays on Facebook – just weeks after telling a judge she had no cash to pay it back.

Sarah Armstrong, 41, from Wokingham, Berkshire, worked as Head of Operations for UK tech firm ETZ Technologies earning a six-figure salary during her five-year career there.

Fraudster Sarah Armstrong

Despite having just admitted to a judge that she committed fraud, Mrs Armstrong is happy to share lavish holiday updates on social media about her recent trip to Fethiye, Turkey

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However she betrayed bosses by paying company invoices into a personal account between November 2016 and July 2017.

While she admitted one count of fraud to a judge at Southwark Crown Court in March this year, the mum-of-two managed to avoid jail – getting away with a suspended sentence and 125 hours of community service.

She was only ordered to pay a £140 victim surcharge, telling the judge that she had already spent the £89,000.

However The Sun Online can reveal how since the court hearing she’s been bragging on social media about sun-bathed holidays to Marbella in Spain and Fethiye in Turkey, sharing snaps of herself swimming and drinking cocktails.

Fraudster Sarah Armstrong

Just two months after her court hearing, the mum-of-two was bragging about boozing abroad in Marbella, Spain

After finding out she’d avoid jail, Mrs Armstrong posted a relieved status on Facebook saying: “The last few months have really been life changing experiences and lots of valuable lessons learnt, but I’m relieved I can now finally move forward.

“A HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported me through it, you know who you are xxx. #strongerandwiser #nolookingback.”

The shameless crook has since been on a series of lavish trips abroad.

On June 4: “Marbs 2018 it’s been a blast, so much laughter, lots of drink and late nights/early mornings, all spent with my bestie.

Fraudster Sarah Armstrong

“Thank you for the memories and here’s to Marbs 2019.”

During the holiday to Marbella, she bragged about “clubbing with Cristiano Ronaldo even though I think he’s a p****” and shared pictures of the football star’s flash yacht.

Earlier during the holiday she wrote: “Cocktails (a few too many last night), sunshine, lots of laughter, and memories being made.”

Then on August 28 she gloated about another holiday – this time in Turkey – taken with her daughter.

She wrote: “Been a fabulous two weeks spending time with my little lady, however it’s time to say goodbye to Turkey and come home.”

Mrs Armstrong later shared an angry status about a row she’d had with Turkish airport workers on the way home about her luggage weight.

After being charged £75 for being 6kg over the allowed limit, she branded the workers “thieving b******s”.

A source told The Sun Online: “She managed to avoid prison but what about all the good, hardworking and honest people who lost their jobs because of what she did to our company?

“Their lives were left in ruin.

“After 17 years of running the business we had to build it again from scratch. She had destroyed lives with her actions and faced little or no consequences.

“Those who felt the loss haven’t got their money back, she said she no longer had all the funds.

“So after the court case, where she admitted everything that she had done, you’d think she’d want to keep her head down and keep a low profile.

“But now we find out she’s been on a non-stop party, boozing on holiday in the sun and making a mockery of the justice system in this country.

“It makes me angry, it makes me sick. She’s not sorry about what she did, and sadly it shows that crime does pay.”

When The Sun Online approached Mrs Armstrong today she declined to comment.


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