Hero daughter, saves mum’s life by jumping in front of crazed knife man

Hero daughter, saves mum’s life by jumping in front of crazed knife man

A SCHOOLGIRL showed the ultimate act of bravery after she stood in front of a knife to protect her mum from her evil ex-boyfriend. Beata Karchnako

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A SCHOOLGIRL showed the ultimate act of bravery after she stood in front of a knife to protect her mum from her evil ex-boyfriend.

Beata Karchnakova, from Etwall, Derbyshire, screamed for help her as Safet Hasanovic stormed her home and began chasing her with the weapon.

Despite slashes to her neck, head, hands and leg – Beata was lucky to have survived thanks to her 15-year-old daughter.

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The 36-year-old said her courageous daughter threw an electric heater at the intruder and punched him in the face.

Then, in a true act of selflessness, she stood in front of her cowering mum and let the knifeman plunge the blade into her in a desperate bid to protect her.

Judge Johnathan Bennett praised the youngster and stated she should be given a £500 High Sheriff Award after the chilling CCTV footage was shown at Derby Crown Court.


Hasanovic, 46, of Bradford, who needed a Bosnian interpreter, the judge handed him an extended prison sentence for grievous bodily harm with intent.

Following the sentencing, Ms Karchnakova spoke of her relief but said she would be scared for the rest of her life, in fear of Hasanovic returning.

Ms Karchnakova, who filmed the blood-spattered aftermath of the attack, said: “I feel much better about the sentence, I hope I never see him again because what he has done was horrific and will stay with me and my family forever.

“He deserved his sentence for what he has done, but I wish he had been put away forever.

“The injuries have had a massive effect on my life. I can no longer hold my youngest daughter or pick her up.

“I can’t even make myself a cup of coffee, as I don’t have the strength to pick up the kettle.

“This has had a massive effect on her.


“She has lost her strength, she doesn’t go to school anymore as she is just so scared.

“I am so proud of her. If she hadn’t have intervened I would not be here right now, she is incredible.”

Sarah Slater, prosecuting, stated that Ms Karchnakova was at home with her daughters and two of her younger daughter’s carers when Hasanovic, who breached a restraining order, broke in to the house on October 3, at 1.47am.

She said: “The defendant gained entry to the property and makes his way upstairs. She (Ms Karchnakova) closes the door to him, but he kicks it in and starts attacking her.

“She is hit around the head and puts her hands up to protect herself. She realises that he has a knife and she recalls seven blows from the defendant, with stabs to the head and stabs to the hand. There was blood everywhere.”

The court heard how Ms Karchnakova’s daughter then enters the bedroom and throws a heater at Hasanovic to stop him attacking her mother.

Between them, they are able to calm him and they take him downstairs where they have coffee.
Meanwhile, the two carers, who are in another bedroom, have called the police.

Officers arrive just after 2am and after seeing the blue lights, Hasanovic then begins attacking Ms Karchnakova again.
Ms Slater said: “Police were not able to enter the property at first, but they could see through the doors.

“He grabbed her and tried to stab her neck.

“When asked why he was doing this by police he replied ‘she ruined my life’.

“Police broke a window to get into the property and arrested Hasanovic.”


Ms Karchnakova needed eight stitches in her head, two of which had to be glued.

She also had to have a metal plate fitted into her right hand.

She can only bend two of her fingers on her left hand due to the damage caused to her bones in her fingers and her tendons.
She has not been able to return to work as a carer.
Judge Bennett, jailed Hasanovic for the attack and stated that he was a danger not just to the public and the victim, but to any future partners he may have.
He said: “You entered the property belonging to the victim where there were three females and two young girls.

“You were armed with a knife and during twenty minutes you carried out two separate incidents.


“Ms Karchnakova had fled upstairs. She was stabbed repeatedly. The injuries to her are going to have a long-term effect.

“The CCTV was shown in court this afternoon and it is one of the most chilling pieces of CCTV I have had the misfortune to watch.

“I do accept you pleaded guilty at the first opportunity and I will give you maximum credit for that.
“I have to ask myself if you are dangerous and whether you pose a risk to the public.

“It is clear to me that you do pose such a risk, not just to the victim and the public, but any future partners.

Christopher Hallas, mitigating, stated that Hasanovic had a drink problem and that the attack had been fuelled by alcohol.

He said: “I appreciate that this in no way explains his behaviour and no way helps to assist the complainant and the damage this has caused to her family. He can’t stop thinking about what he did that night.

“He apologised to the victim. Looking at his psychiatric report, he was truly remorseful and sorry for what he had done.

“It is clear that this defendant has a drink-related problem and that is what resulted in this horrific behaviour.
“He is going to get a lengthy prison sentence and this means he will be abstaining from alcohol.”

Judge Bennett handed Hasanovic a 10-year and eight-month prison sentence, with a four-year extended licence.
A new restraining order was also placed on Hasanovic, stating that he could not contact Ms Karchnakova or her daughters.

He was also banned from entering Etwall for ten years.

Source: thesun.co.uk

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