Incredible New Research Reveals

    Incredible New Research Reveals
    Incredible New Research Reveals

    Tisha Morgan says it is a myth that love and pregnancy are the main motivations for women seeking. In fact, they do it for almost every reason they seem appropriate. Incredible New Research Reveals

    Alfred Kinsey became famous for studying what people are doing in the bedroom. But until recently, little research has been done on what people are doing. Texas psychologists Cindy M. Meston and David M. Bass decide to ask a simple question to a woman-why are you having sex? -And I got some unexpected results.

    “Reactions range from extreme altruism (which isn’t quite appealing, but to make you feel good when you feel sorry for yourself) to the average person who says it’s boring.” The University of Texas at Austin. Texas, a professor of clinical psychology, told Georgia Straight in a telephone interview.

    Some women are having sexual intercourse to overcome loneliness, or sex has a “medicinal” effect on everything from migraine to fibromyalgia, she said. Others turned to sex for revenge to return to someone who tricked them.

    In addition, some wanted to test partners of different races, shapes, and sizes. Then there were people who admitted that Meston had sex for what he described as a “poor boundary”: giving someone a sexually transmitted disease. VISIT THIS SITE: conflict-news

    Using information from a three-year interview with more than 1,000 women in North America between the ages of 18 and 87, the two researchers asked, “Why women have sex: sexual motives from adventure to revenge. I understand. “(Tantor, $ 38.99). ..

    This pair of studies dispels the old-fashioned stereotype that women have sex only for love and dedication. The most common reason for women to report entering between seats is sensory bliss.

    “For women, the biggest reactions to why they had sex were physical joy, excitement, orgasm, and physical satisfaction,” says Meston. According to two gender divisions, ‘

    Meston and Vancouver, there is a reaction that women ultimately take responsibility for their sexuality and enjoy pure joy. That is, the sisters do it themselves.

    “After 20 years of studying sexual dysfunction and sexual problems, I was very happy to see him,” Meston said. “That’s good news.”

    Vancouver sex therapist Tisha Morgan says it’s a myth that love and pregnancy are the main motivations for women who want to have sex.

    “Men have always been thought to be more interested in casual sex than women, but not always,” Morgan said on the phone. “Women’s liberation … and the invention of credible contraception paved the way for women today, empowering them to manage their

    pregnancies without much worry of being accused of having sex outside the margins. Women are exploring their sexuality and having sex more than ever for almost every reason for more reasons. Women embrace their sexuality and give them a sense of psychological empowerment. ”

    Bianca Lacquer, a Vancouver sex therapist, emphasizes why women undergo sexual changes throughout their lives. Women not only enjoy sexuality, but also tend to be positive about caring for them.

    “For women, it’s about asking and insisting on what’s important to women,” Lacquer said in a telephone interview with her. “Historically, they haven’t said much about themselves, and that doesn’t mean they don’t care … but it’s important that women can express themselves and her wishes.”

    The benefits of sex go far beyond the comfort factor, Morgan said.

    Before and during orgasm, Morgan explains that women’s oxytocin levels, a hormone that also functions as a neurotransmitter, rise five-fold and the hormone dehydroepiandrosterone is also released.

    Sex is also a good habit. She said women can burn more than 85 calories during a 30-minute workout. She also increases testosterone, which contributes to bone health.

    Second, sex has a positive effect on sleep quality, circulation, cardiovascular function, and immunity.

    “Do you think women should have sex to boost their immunity and improve their cold? Probably not, but unknowingly there are so many benefits.”

    Not all answers in the Bass and Meston survey were positive. Eighty-four percent of married women said they had sex at some point off duty. The facts Morgan says are rooted in Victorian sexual oppression. At that time, the woman was supposed to “lie down, think of the Queen, and wait for her to finish.”

    Incredible New Research Reveals
    Incredible New Research Reveals

    “Sexual distress and feelings of inadequacy return to Victorian culture,” said Morgan. “Sexual frustration, especially for women, cannot be denied.”

    Other reasons women gave for having sex ranged from increasing self-esteem to getting their partners to do household chores. For some, it was related to money, promotion, or pay rises.

    Some women said they had sex with “fellow guards.” This is to prevent the partner getting lost. Others did that to recover from the split. “One woman said the best way to get over a man is to ride under another,” said Meston.

    She wants more people to think about why women have sex and what invites them to the bedroom.

    “Most women don’t spend a lot of time wondering why they are having sex,” said Meston. “My hope is to think more about why they are having sex and the consequences and make more informed choices, better choices ….

    They identify those reasons and the spirit. Hopefully we can do the research. Themselves. ”



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