LinkedIn Has Launched A New Blogging Platform

    LinkedIn Has Launched A New Blogging Platform
    LinkedIn Has Launched A New Blogging Platform

    If you employ LinkedIn, you need to already be mistreatment its “Update” section to publish longer posts. several were mistreatment this section to republish their existing journal posts and articles.

    Considering however widespread long kind updates are on LinkedIn, LinkedIn has launched its own blogging platform that you simply will use to publish blog posts directly on LinkedIn.

    Actually, if you attend LinkedIn you don’t notice one thing like “Blog here”, instead you discover “Write associate article” and once you click on this link you’re taken to a journal-like interface wherever you’ll publish your blog post. initially look the interface appearance almost like the Medium blogging platform.


    However, it’s a tempered version of the Medium blogging platform, specifically job to the LinkedIn community that’s additional curious about business business-centric content on LinkedIn.

    If you scan this update from LinkedIn, the business social networking website doesn’t job its platform a “blogging platform”; they job it “LinkedIn Publisher”. this is often primarily a clothed version of the “Update” section that you simply may antecedently use to publish journal posts and articles on LinkedIn.

    Why would you employ this new blogging platform on LinkedIn to publish your blog posts?

    It’s identical logic individuals use to publish journal posts mistreatment the Medium blogging platform – bigger visibility. once you square measure business journal posts on your own journal, as an example, a WordPress-hosted journal, you have got to make associate audience from the ground up.

    However, on platforms like Medium and LinkedIn, you will have already got the associate audience. which offers you instant visibility. once you have already got some level of visibility, it’s easier to realize additional visibility. That’s the most reason why you’d use the new blogging platform on LinkedIn.

    Why LinkedIn has its own blogging platform?

    Simple. each social networking website desires its users to pay additional and longer on the website instead of finding links, clicking the links, and so leaving. Facebook too has launched an associate interface that permits publishers to publish full articles on Facebook itself in order that individuals will scan those articles there and so instead of 1st clicking the link and so aiming to the most web site.

    LinkedIn should have found that its users opt to scan long-kind articles and journal posts and that they usually click links and so go to alternative websites. If individuals square measure already blogging concerning their businesses and professions, then why not enable them to publish their journal posts on LinkedIn itself instead of alternative websites? In this fashion, individuals can have no reason to maneuver away.

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