Russian Girl, 12, Made To EAT A Human By Her Cannibal Paedophile ‘Boyfriend’

Russian Girl, 12, Made To EAT A Human By Her Cannibal Paedophile ‘Boyfriend’

A schoolgirl at the centre of an horrific paedophile cannibal murder in Russia has told detectives how she used a frying pan to cook and eat the heart

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A schoolgirl at the centre of an horrific paedophile cannibal murder in Russia has told detectives how she used a frying pan to cook and eat the heart of the man she allegedly killed along with her 22-year-old ‘boyfriend’.

The 12-year-old identified only as ‘Valeria’, reportedly told investigators the victim’s heart was ‘too sweet’, but that his brains ‘turned out to be much more tasty’.

Valeria had run away from home with Arkady Zverev, 22, and has admitted to taking part in the murder and dismembering of their landlord Alexander Popovich, 21, say police.

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She was detained alongside Zverev, who also admitted killing Popovich, and confessed to a sexual relationship with the underage girl.

The 12-year-old child told officers she had stabbed the man – in whose flat they were lodging – after he went to bed.

Then she opened his abdomen with a knife because she ‘always wanted to see what was inside there’, reported news agency in Leningrad region citing law enforcement officers.

Next she says she cut meat out of his chest which she fried, and Zvarev used an axe to behead their victim, and chop off his arms.

She put his severed head in the microwave oven in the ground floor flat, he claimed.

In his testimony, Zverev insisted he – not Valeria – had been the first to stab Popovich after a row about the rent for living in his flat in Novinka village near St Petersburg, it was reported.

He claims he had obeyed the 12-year-old’s demand to ‘kill him’ because of the dispute. She then allegedly joined in the knife attack, and cut out several organs from Popovich’s body, he said.

‘Arkady took a nap and Valeria remained as awake, staring at the dead body,’ reported

In the morning they reportedly turned on the oven, but this started a fire and they tried to escape from the windows. Neighbours called the police, leading to their arrest.

The girl is below the age of criminal responsibility in Russia, and will not face charges, law enforcement officials have made clear.

Zverev is to be charged with murder and dismembering a corpse, as well as crimes related to sex with an underage girl, say law enforcement sources.

He described Valeria as his ‘girlfriend’.

Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper cited Russian Investigative Committee officials saying ‘the young girl took part in this massacre.’

But because she is below 14, she is being ‘interrogated as an underage witness and placed into the special detention centre for children’.

Zverev, from the Altai mountains in Siberia, previously had a relationship with another underage girl called Olga Semibokova who died after falling from a window, it was alleged today.

This girl was 15 when they began having sex and died two months ago when she was 18.

Her family today claimed her death had not been properly investigated – and asked for the case to be reopened in the light of the cannibal killing.

Tatiana Semibokova, aunt of the dead girl, said Zverev ‘took her away from her family.

‘He seduced a small girl, she thought it was her first love and was devoted to him.’

She absconded with him and lived in Novosibirsk, a city hundreds of miles from her home, she said.

‘How such a monster could attract our girl, we do not know,’ said the aunt.

‘Olga understood that he was a cruel person, but she always justified his behaviour.

‘She said: ‘He lacked parental warmth, I can warm his heart’.’

Police are also checking claims of Valeria’s neighbours that she acted as an ‘administrator’ of a notorious ‘online death group’.

She had been reported to police previously over belonging to the so-called Blue Whale group which encourages vulnerable teenagers to take their own lives, it was reported .

A shocking video released by the Russian Investigative Committee – in charge of probing serious crime – showed the messy bloodstained ground floor flat and the victim’s body parts covered in a white quilt.

When the runaway girl was reported missing ten days ago, she was described as looking older than her age, around 15 or 16.

It is unknown how and where she met the axeman but she posted a message on her social media saying: ‘I love one stalker.

‘I won’t give him away to anyone, he is only mine. I do not need anybody else.’

One officer said: ‘The contents of the frying pan did not look like the fresh meat found at a supermarket.’


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