Theft Of Jewels: Bimla Ramloll “Madame Cabas” Caught In The Bag

Theft Of Jewels: Bimla Ramloll “Madame Cabas” Caught In The Bag

Bimla Ramloll was arrested for stealing gold bracelets valued at Rs 110,700 ($3,162) in a jewelery store in Rose-Belle. Free for seven months, Biml

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Bimla Ramloll was arrested for stealing gold bracelets valued at Rs 110,700 ($3,162) in a jewelery store in Rose-Belle.

Free for seven months, Bimla Ramloll was arrested for stealing jewelry Friday, May 18. The former city councilor of Quatre-Bornes adds a new string to his bow, already being accused of influence peddling and swindling …

She adds a new offense to his record. Already accused of trading in influence in the context of the granting of market stalls in Quatre-Bornes and swindle in the Sunkai case, Bimla Ramloll, 46, also known as ” Madame Cabas “, was arrested by Rose-Belle police Friday, May 18, following the theft of six pairs of gold bracelets worth Rs 110,700 in a jewelry store in Rose-Belle.

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In the liberty for seven months, the former city councilor of Quatre-Bornes and secretary of Sunkai Co. Ltd is detained at the police station of Camp-Devil. In addition to the temporary charge of theft, Bimla Ramloll will also be charged with a provisional charge of possession of an offensive weapon and a Federal Streamer , a dangerous device to release a deleterious substance. She will be appearing before the Bail and Remand Court this morning.

Bimla Ramloll is being prosecuted for several cases, including one in front of the intermediate court for fraud of Rs 753 857 800 to the detriment of several people between September 2012 and March 2013 in Beau-Bassin.

She had invited members of the public to invest in the Sunkai company, promising that their money would be placed in other businesses, with a higher return on investment. However, it turned out to be a fraudulent plan and the money these people had entrusted to Sunkai had never been invested.

It was around 1:15 pm yesterday that this resident of Blue Bay went to a jewelry store at the Royal Road of Rose-Belle. Wearing a hijab in order to go unnoticed, Bimla Ramloll introduced herself to the wife of the jewelery owner as a tourist from Abu Dhabi. Before signifying his intention to buy gold bracelets.

The jewelery manager had to remove a pair of bracelets from the window. The “tourist” then asked to try them. And put them on the left wrist before asking to try two more pairs. Then, she took her mobile phone and her purse, before launching the jeweler: ” I am going .” She then leaves the jeweler’s shop without paying.

There followed a chase in the streets between the jewelery manager and the “tourist”. But the first named had to be on the ground at a certain moment. As he was returning home, police officer Agathe had to intervene and arrest the suspect. Police officers Jean Baptiste and Fullee, who were on patrol, came to lend a hand to their colleague.

Led to Rose-Belle police station, the suspect had to give a false name before revealing her true identity. She was then searched by two policewomen and her purse emptied. In addition to the stolen jewelry, the police had in their possession a knife with a 14 cm long blade, a Nato tear gas bomb, a bottle containing chloroform, two hoods, a flashlight, six pairs of surgical gloves and a scarf.

Subject to a tight interrogation, Bimla Ramloll had to confess to having committed a case of theft similar to Mahébourg.

Chief Inspector Dhurmasingh Ramessur and Inspector Khemrazdev Joyeprakash of Rose-Belle Police Station were scheduled to conduct a field operation to trace Bimla Ramloll’s ” accomplices” , who would number two. Meanwhile, Rose-Belle’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) has taken over.

This is led by Police Superintendent Jean Claude Pédre, head of the CID of the South Division. Late yesterday afternoon, a raid was made at the home of the suspect. The investigation in this case is under the supervision of Assistant Police Commissioner Chandansing Ramsurrun, Divisional Commander of the South Division.


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