Wales: Little Girl Raped 16 Times By Father, Sexually Assaulted By Mother

Wales: Little Girl Raped 16 Times By Father, Sexually Assaulted By Mother

A little girl who was raped at least 16 times by her own father is now so damaged she may never be able to be adopted. The husband and wife kept

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A little girl who was raped at least 16 times by her own father is now so damaged she may never be able to be adopted.

The husband and wife kept their young daughter locked away in their Welsh home and subjected her to years of rape and sexual abuse, a court has been told.

The child was never allowed out to play, never sent to school, and had no friends.

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The names of the abusers and location of the abuse cannot be reported to protect the identity of their victim but the man is in his 50s and the woman in her 20s.

During the girl’s time at home she was subjected to years of abuse by her parents, much of which was photographed by the pair.

The abuse has been detailed in a series of hearings at Swansea Crown Court stretching over months. The couple met in a pub in England when the woman was aged just 16 and within months she was pregnant.

Robin Rouch, prosecuting, had previously told the court that the family did not socialise with neighbours, the daughter was home-schooled, the garden gate was kept padlocked, and curtains at the windows closed.

The male also controlled his wife’s mental health medication and contact with doctors, cut her off from her family, and would not allow her to go shopping.

Mr Rouch said the defendant deliberately created the secluded and tightly controlled home environment ‘in order to systematically and regularly abuse’ his daughter without being discovered. The prosecutor said it appeared the youngster had become ‘conditioned to see the abuse as normal’. The abuse eventually came to light when the husband and wife’s relationship broke down and she told police.

When officers raided the couple’s home they found sex toys, pornographic magazines, and newspaper cutting about young girls, along with home schooling books they had used to teach their daughter.

On the mother’s phone, officers found 76 indecent images of the couple’s daughter being raped by her father, and sexually assaulted by her mother.

As part of their investigation Welsh detectives then contacted the man’s children from his first marriage and his other daughter told them her father had sexually abused her over an 18-month period.

The court heard his second wife is suffering from ‘battered person syndrome’, a form of post traumatic stress disorder.

The court was told she had in effect been sexually groomed by her husband, who had spotted and exploited her vulnerabilities. The daughter of the pair is now in long-term foster care.

Judge Geraint Walters said the husband had ‘psychopathic tendencies’ and a ‘devious, wicked and flawed personality’ that combined with his wife’s flawed personality and vulnerabilities was the ‘chemistry’ that allowed the abuse of the little girl to happen.

The judge said that their daughter had been kept locked up at home and cut off from the outside world, that she had never seen a playground, a cat or a dog, or gone on a bus.

He said: ‘She is so damaged that it is hard to see how she will ever recover from it. Every day brings new challenges for her. ‘She will remain forever vulnerable to future abusive relationships. ‘She will carry the serious psychological scars for the rest of her life.’

The husband was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 12 years after pleading guilty to 16 counts of rape, sexual assault, and causing a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity, the charges involving both his daughters.

The wife was convicted of 11 counts of sexual assault, causing a child to engage in sexual activity, cruelty by neglect, and taking indecent images after pleading not guilty due to duress.

She was given a 10-year sentence with an extended licence period of one year, and was ordered to by detained in a hospital for psychiatric treatment.


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