Why Your Business Needs A Partner Portal

Partner Portal

In order to stay in touch and be connected with your business partners on a constant and daily basis, businesses require the launch of well-planned partner portals. A partner portal is essentially a one stop solution for firms who do business with one another. It allows them to communicate with each other, keep track of their needs, overcome any issues and monitor their mutual progress. A partner portal, which is essentially a website, can also be used to enable communications between respective teams of partners. It also gives multiple parties and individuals access to the sort of information they are privy to.

It is important to note that partner portals are business websites and not customer oriented in the slightest. They are password protected and can hence only be accessed by the company itself, its partners and their respective team members who have been granted access. Also, partner portals are essentially designed to help a company communicate better with its existing partners, and not necessarily to help it find newer ones. However, if your partner portal has an excellent repute like that of HP Partner Portal, you are sure to attract new business as it would add to your credibility as a business firm.

What are the main uses of a partner portal?

In essence, partner portals are designed to allow business to be more efficient and well-functioning in their existing line of business, and the following are some of its uses:

  1. Partner portals are used to list any important data such as pricing data, technical queries, support documents and other resources for reference for your current and potential partners. The information stored is generally for viewing by the partners only and not for general public.
  2. Partner portals are also used as a medium to disseminate any essential company information that is to be communicated to and will likely affect all partners. It can be thought of as a platform for your company to broadcast a message.
  3. Partner portals are also used to help you connect with your partners. They should not only be used to disseminate information, but to also communicate with your partners and understand their concerns and queries.
  4. Partner portals are also used to communicate a designated workflow and procedure of how your relationship would work. Any terms and conditions, pricing details and responsibilities should be detailed out in your partner portals.
  5. Partner portals should also cover the basics of how your partners can create demand for your product and mutually benefit from the process.

A partner portal can be thought of as a flipped customer portal, which allows partners to help themselves in a multitude of ways. If you are a product or service provider and are looking to scale and build your product reach, it is essential that you build a partner portal to facilitate communications with your all your partners in a centralized way. They would prove highly beneficial in maintaining good relationships and ensuring that all your partners feel they are looked after are cared for.


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